Acting is so much more than real life.

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Hey guys!

Does anybody know if it’s MANDATORY/REQUIRED to have your driver’s license while working in Attractions for WDW College Program?

Have any of you guys been accepted to this role and NOT have a license??

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Who else got accepted to the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World?

I will be there from Jan- Aug.

I just have to pay my fees first.


Any advice????image

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it’s so cute when you talk to someone a lot and you notice your phrases slowly slipping into their vocabulary

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Miley Cyrus: you look at the VMAs and you could think oh what a hot mess, but it’s a “strategic hot mess”

Basically: she fucked with our minds she new what she was up to from the very beginning

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Watched Miley: The Movement.


I get where she’s coming from. That everything she does is part of her vision. But when she screamed at that guy on the phone because she missed her car…I lost all respect for her. She was so pissed about her entrance that she literally cursed out a man. That part made me extremely sad.

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IS ANYBODY selling tickets to see The Maine in NYC on OCT 29TH?

If so, please please please contact me!!!

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